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This Week's Story

Once upon a time, Pixie Hollow was filled with Bullies, Clones, and Hackers. This came into the Pixie Hollow Anti Bullying Club and other nice, unique fairies way. The PHABC thought and thought about this, and then they decided to do it the easy way. They would talk to the clones. So, Mia, Ashley, and Rachel D. went to the Gully to look for clones. Then, they saw a Serena Dapplevine clone. “:O Guys, look, there’s a clone!” Ashes whispered. “Good job, Ashes.” Said Rachel. “Okay, let’s go talk to her!” Mia whispered. They went out the bushes, and Serena’s clone laughed. “Serena (Clone), please listen to what we have to say!” Mia said. And then Rachel, Mia, and Ashley explained her. “Well, bullying is wrong, and that YOU can be your OWN person and be UNIQUE :O. You could make REAL friends that like you for who you are.” Serena’s clone took this in shock, and told her other clone friends, and hackers that bullying, cloning, and hacking is WRONG. Pixie Hollow was a No Bully and Cloning zone once again, and all the people who quit changed their mind! :)

*Note* Let’s make this happen, guys! We should make Pixie Hollow the old peaceful self again.
Story written by Mia and Ashley
Mia – (xXRockTheMusicPHXx)
Ashley – (PixieHollowHeartz)

This Week's Fairy Fashionistas!

Congrats, Moonshine, Sarah S, Scarlet D, Risers, Sophie Sweetshine, and Windyswirls!

Featured Fairy Of The Week

Yes, you're right! Serendipity Stardance is the featured fairy of this week!!!!!

Who is Serendipity Stardance?

Serendipity Stardance is a nice, caring fairy friend who makes videos on YouTube! Her arrival day is Feb. 19, 2009 and her real birthday is August 16! Serendipity Stardance makes videos of the new fashions, quests, and new updates! Sometimes she also makes music videos. She is really friendly! :)

What is Serendipity Stardance's Youtube Channel?

It's TinkerAudreyBell. She has 2,000+ subcribers!

Featured Fairy Of The Week

Serena Dapplevine! :)

Who is Serena Dapplevine?

Serena Dapplevine is a amazing, nice, creative fairy who makes music videos on YouTube! Her channel name is Serena Dapplevine. :)

Well, that's all for this week's issue! Look out for next weeks! :)


  1. dear god please kill me what was i thinking

    1. Hi, Mia!

      My name is Marigold Sunjewel - a proud member of the Pixie Blogging Community (PBC) and owner of a popular Pixie Hollow blog called Marigold's Musings (

      I stumbled across your blog while doing a recent search for Pixie Hollow news, and your blog came up because you left this comment a couple weeks ago...I think you're being too hard on yourself, because I like your blog and enjoyed reading your weekly issue of the Pixie Hollow Magazine! Your goal of publishing a new issue every week was maybe unrealistic in terms of your availability, but your heart and talents were in the right place :-)

      Anyway, I know your last post was from early 2013 and PH has been closed for 2 years now, but the PBC is still very much alive and growing! I would love to have you re-join us as a current member of the PBC ♥ In the meantime, since I'm not sure whether you're interesting in being a blogger anymore, I'm going to put the link to your blog in my Pixie Pages sidebar to get some pixie traffic moving in your direction ;-)

      Hope to hear from you soon!

      ♥ Marigold

    2. Hi Marigold! I know you posted this basically an year ago, but I used to be a huge fan of your blog. I just read through your blog again after reading your message and I still think your blog is amazing. Thank you so much for this comment, i'm sorry it took me so long to reply.